Video Encoding with CPUsage

If there is one thing you need to know about CPUsage, it is that it’s our goal to build the most powerful, scalable, nimble, and easy-to-use infrastructure in the world. We are doing this in a very unique way: by harnessing the unused processing power of idle computers. Our computers come from places like datacenters, businesses, or even universities where they are professionally managed and secured. We only pay for these computers when we use them, typically at prices that wouldn’t allow a normal datacenter to stay in business, which allows us to pass on significant savings to our customers.

In the past, massive grids of powerful computers were only accessible to scientists and researchers. CPUsage is bringing this power and scale to the masses. Simple access to a growing grid of geographically distributed computers has many market-changing applications. The first market CPUsage is opening to is video encoding and transcoding.

Picture this: you sign up a new customer and they have 2,000 videos to migrate to your platform. Each needs to be encoded into 5 different formats. You’ve now got to complete 10,000 encoding jobs. What do you do?

A common option is to spin up some virtual computers on Amazon or Rackspace, install all the necessary software, write scripts to make that software do what you want, test those scripts, etc. Then, because you don’t want to manage too many virtual machines, you’ll let a few instances chug away at the 10,000 transcode jobs……at….a….time. You can expect the job to be done in a few days.

CPUsage offers a different solution that will save you time, headaches, and money. Using the CPUsage API for encoding, you get dead simple access to a massive grid of computers dedicated to you. Don’t worry, it’s easy to access all that power. Simply point to your source files, tell us what formats you need, point to where the completed transcodings should land, and we’ll do the rest. No virtual machines to manage, no software to install, no scale to worry about. Accessing the power of thousands of computers through CPUsage is more simple than managing just one virtual computer from our infrastructure competitors.

Now imagine this. With a few simple lines of code, you kick off simultaneous transcoding of those 2,000 videos from that new customer. CPUsage is taking care of the rest, so you kick up your feet and enjoy a cup of coffee. Drink quick, because these 10,000 encoding jobs could be done before you see the bottom of that mug.

Oh, did we mention that using CPUsage is going to save you a ton of money? In fact, the direct expense related to encoding will drop by a much as 60% compared to doing it on your own with Amazon. As much as an 80% reduction compared to other cloud transcoding services.

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