Paychex Flex Review & Paychex Services Explained

What is the Paychex Flex Website?

Paychex Flex or simply Paychex is a website that provides a way for small to medium enterprises to manage and track various business activities electronically.

The company has existed for around 45 years and is quite renowned. In fact, it is among the top-ranked companies by revenue. This is according to the Fortune 500 list.

Paychex offers a wide range of services mainly payroll, benefits, human resource management, and insurance. The main users of this platform are employees and owners of businesses.

In a nutshell, Paychex offers convenience by eliminating too much paperwork when it comes to dealing with employees and managing some of the business activities.

Paychex Flex payroll

An in-depth look at Paychex services

Their services are categorized as follows:

Services on employee benefits

Paychex provides services that ensure employee benefits are effectively met. Including:

  • Retirement service
  • Employee health insurance
  • Group health insurance
  • Financial wellness which tries to assist employees to achieve their financial goals

Payroll services

Paychex provides a number of services geared towards reducing the time it takes to process payroll and related requirements such as taxes.

It also provides a self-service dashboard for employees where they can access reports, their personal information, carry out self-service actions and more.

Financial services

Here, you can get services that will help in:

  • Management of business expenses.
  • Processing of payments both for employees as well as business associates such as suppliers, distributors, importers, etc.
  • Locating appropriate financial institutions for loans.
  • Handling of taxes such as calculating/ filing payroll taxes, handling of sales tax and tax credit.

Employee tracking and scheduling

This service enables managers or seniors to track, allocate/ distribute working time to their subordinates.

With this tool, seniors can better determine employee payment depending on the time worked. Aside from that, online timekeeping allows managers to allocate activities to employees.

As a substitute for online timekeeping, Paychex provides Trueshift time clock and Iris recognition time clock for in-house timekeeping.

With these, employees are required to punch their biometrics at the start and end of activities.

Human resource services

Under this service category, Paychex provides tools such as labor force analytics, software for human resource management, a dashboard to manage employee benefits, expert consultation with a real HR professional, etc.

Basically, these services are meant to serve whichever HR requirements your business has.

human resources

Services for startups

Paychex offers incorporation services that help new enterprises easily deal with legal requirements and other related paperwork prior to operations.

Furthermore, once the business is operational, Paychex online marketing service ensures the effective sensitization of the business to the online community.

Insurance services

Here, the Paychex insurance agency provides a variety of insurance services meant for your business as well as employees. Including:

  • Employee insurance normally covers an employee in case of injury while at work.
  • Assets insurance which covers physical property against events that may cause damage or loss of property.
  • Commercial auto insurance covers vehicles operated by the business.
  • Business owner policy which covers the entire business against events that might wipe the business completely.
  • Umbrella insurance which extends coverage for your current insurance in case the policy is limited. This means you can get compensation for what you have not insured.

How to login to Paychex?

To login to Paychex, you can either do it via their website or mobile app.

Here is how to login to Paychex web:

  • First off, go to the Paychex official home page and hit the “Login” button at the top right of the screen.
  • Next, hit the “Launch Paychex Flex” button. If you don’t know to use Paychex Account then check out this login guide.
  • Now, enter the username for your account and hit “Next”.
  • Your account will then open in a moment.

Here is how to login to Paychex mobile app:

  • If you are on the android platform, download the Paychex app for android.
  • If you are on the IOS platform, download the Paychex app for IOS.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the app, launch and enter your credentials.