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CPUsage Introduces CirrusGrid Cloud Computing Infrastructure

CPUsage launches into beta today with a newly minted advisory board revamped web site and invite codes to earn rewards with idle computers.

Portland, OR – 07 Mar. 2011 – CPUsage, LLC today announces the launch of CirrusGrid, a cloud computing solution that provides immense computing power on a pay-per-use basis. CirrusGrid allows customers to complete computing tasks that would normally take days or even weeks, in just hours. The CirrusGrid solution is ideal for data analysis of bioinformatics or the rendering of motion graphics. The launch comes on the company’s one year anniversary.

CPU sage Introduces CirrusGrid Cloud Computing Infrastructure
Cloud Computing Infrastructure

CirrusGrid harnesses the idle time on personal computers worldwide by offering computer owners valuable rewards in exchange for their idle time. This enormous grid of unused computer power is the infrastructure CPUsage offers to its customers. To participate, computer owners simply sign up for an account and download CPUsage Cirrus software at Then, when a computer is left on but unused, CPUsage will securely harness the machines processing power and reward computer owners with redeemable points. Computer owners may then save up points and redeem them for rewards that include gift cards to popular retailers, electronics, or even video game system credits.

CPUsage is also using its first anniversary to announce an impressive advisory board. Those advisors are Mike Jones, CEO of MySpace; Bill Ihrie, former CTO/SVP of Intuit, Ken Westin, founder and CEO of ActiveTrak; and Ravi Madduri, Globus Project Manager and CERN Researcher.


CPUsage, LLC is a Portland-area cloud computing company harnessing unused processing power from idle computers and distributing it to companies with high computing needs. CPU usage is building a network of computers from around the globe that are frequently left on but are not always in use, rewarding computer owners for that idle processing power. CPU customers come from the Life Sciences, Scientific R&D, Animation & Graphics, Semiconductor, Government, and Financial industries. They choose CPUsage to drastically reduce processing time, reduce their IT expense, and to help lower their carbon footprint.

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