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CPUsage Launches Platform for High-Performance Computing

Today, CPUsage is excited to announce the long-awaited public beta release of our Platform-as-a-Service for high performance and high throughput computing! Our platform empowers software developers, scientists, and researchers to quickly and easily compute on any cloud, at any scale, in a matter of minutes. CPU sage eliminates the need for months of upfront engineering effort and the hours of weekly maintenance it takes for other cloud computing platforms, making powerful cloud computing available and affordable for any size organization.

CPU usage Launches Platform for High-Performance Computing
CPUsage Launches Platform for High-Performance Computing

The platform works by enabling users to compute across hundreds or thousands of compute instances, with the ease of working in a single, familiar environment. Simply install any high performance or high throughput application in a CPUsage sandbox. Then, run a simple command that builds and deploys your application and connects to your data. The CPUsage platform enables users to build in minutes what previously took months of custom development and maintenance.

We launch today with support for Amazon Web Services, the internet’s most popular public cloud infrastructure. Customers can choose from four compute instance types, including High CPU and High Memory options. These instance types map directly to the AWS instances we use, and our pricing mirrors Amazon’s On Demand prices, starting at just $0.06 per hour. Of course, you are only billed for the compute time used, to the nearest minute, so you’ll likely spend less with CPUsage than you would going direct to AWS.

This innovation didn’t happen with support. We are also pleased to announce today, for the first time publicly, that we have raised in $925,000 in venture capital from leading Silicon Valley investors, including Morado Venture Partners, Crosslink Capital, Qbera Ventures, Triplepoint Ventures, and cloud industry veteran executive Demian Sellers.

As if that wasn’t enough to announce, we shared all of this news while on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013, the world’s leading startup technology conference. It is an absolute honor to participate and our selection is further validation that we are building real technology with industry-disrupting potential.

Over the next few months, our focus will be on a few areas. First, providing support for our initial customers and ensuring a bug-free platform for high performance computing. Next, we’ll be getting to work on additional infrastructure support, including for Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Windows Azure. Then, in 2014, we’ll be expanding the capabilities of our API and deploying private cloud products to bring the power of PaaS to the enterprise.

So what are you waiting for, go signup for CPU sage and see how easy it is to be computing in the cloud at a massive scale!

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