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The Time Has Come for Us to Say Goodbye

Wow, what a ride its been! When we started CPUsage 3 years ago, it was hard to picture all we’d do and all we’d accomplish. Sure, we wanted to be written up in major news outlets, launch on stage in front of thousands, partner with leading investors, and work with thousands of users, but how do you picture where you’ve never been before?

The Time Has Come for Us to Say Goodbye CPUsage

Then, we did it all. We raised seed capital from leading Silicon Valley investors with little more than a napkin sketch. We did that from outside of the ecosystem, Couchsurfing the valley for 3 months while making new connections. Then, our proof of concept software powered an exciting product that made waves in the industry, garnering us coverage in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist magazine, and more.

We got to work on production quality software while building an organic user waiting list that grew to more than 20,000 individuals and businesses. We released beta software with more than 1,000 commercial and individual partners, building a cloud computing grid with more than 8,000 cores and 11,000GB of RAM, combined. The press loved us and we reveled in it. The technology worked fantastically, but product/market fit eluded us.

So we pivoted and retooled, based on beta customer feedback. We recapitalized and shrunk to a skeleton crew. Over the next 6 months, we built a robust, one-of-a-kind, forward-thinking Platform-as-a-Service. Someone once told us that we did with 3 engineers in 6 months what a major tech company would do in 12 months with 10 engineers. This person was right. We are that damn good.

As the technology was nearing alpha, we casually applied to launch at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, the worlds leading startup tech conference. After forgetting about it for some time, we got a call, inviting us to launch on their stage, in front of 3,000 technology luminaries, enthusiasts, and press. Wow, what an exhilarating experience!

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Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough cash to properly market the technology. We struggled to gain users with no sales or marketing expertise on our team and no money to bring it in house. With low customer and revenue numbers, we hit a wall with fundraising efforts. It was a classic chicken and egg scenario, and we ran out of time.

So today we hold our heads high as we announce that our product is shutting down. We gave it our all, we left no stone unturned. We fought the good fight.

Over the next several weeks when the product shuts down, we’ll be transitioning into a consulting shop. We’ve got some incredible experience and unique development skills that will be put to use. We are also looking at technology licensing opportunities where our IP can make a difference inside the private cloud. While CPUsage as we know it is over, the passion, experience, and vision lives on.

Finally, we’d like to conclude by thanking everyone that believes in us and supported us in so many ways. We thank the employees that bought into or vision, the investors that made it happen, the users that wanted to be part of it, and the customers that made it worth it. Lastly, to our families that helped smooth the road in front of us. We love you all.