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Intel Rocket Lake 11th Gen Desktop CPUs Launch Date Confirmed – Pricing, Specs, Benchmarks

A spokesperson from Intel in his recent conversation with Hardwareluxx had stated that the much-awaited Intel’s 11th Gen Rocket Lake S Desktop Processors are going to be launched globally from March 30, 2021, at 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m. ET. He also stated that Intel is aware of the news that some german retailers are selling it already. When asked further about the issue, Intel said that it cannot comment on actions taken by retailers. Intel also said that they take embargo agreements seriously and are following up on the matter.

Mindfactory sells Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPU before the launch

Intel Rocket Lake 11th Gen Desktop CPUs Launch Date Confirmed
Intel Rocket Lake 11th Gen Desktop CPUs Launch Date Confirmed

Amidst the speculations about the specs and pricing of the upcoming Rocket Lake-S series of processors from Intel, a bizarre incident came to light. A German retailer named Mindfactory has spotted selling the Intel Core i7-11700K CPU on their website. However, till the time, Intel has only confirmed the Core i9-11900K CPU in a slide presentation at CES 2021.

Mindfactory however, does not ship hardware outside Germany which makes the already available Core i7-11700K exclusive to Germany. This made techies more curious that resulted in the flooding of leaked benchmark results all over the german tech forums.

Netizens reaching out to Mindfactory through social media were heard from the firm claiming that they are allowed to sell the product. The possibility could be the distributor that provided the CPUs to the retailer, has not ensured that sales embargoes were communicated properly.

Intel confirms the launch of 11 Gen CPUs on 30th March

In a conversation between the editor of a tech firm Hardwareluxx and the spokesperson of Intel, it was declared that the sales embargo for 11th Gen Rocket Lake S Desktop processors will commence on March 30, 2021, at 6 a.m PT/9 ET. Intel also further clarifies that they are totally aware of the incident that a German retailer is selling their Core i7-11700K prior to its launch. They said that they take their embargo agreements seriously and are following up on the incident.

Price of the 11th Gen Intel Desktop Processors

Earlier we were anticipating Intel’s 11th Gen line-up announcement on March 16. It isn’t sure if it is still going to take place, as the listing of Core i7-11700K by a german retailer made Intel actually launch their CPUs on March 30. The prices of the 11th gen Intel Rocket Lake Desktop processors are yet to be disclosed officially. However, the listing price for the Intel Core i7-11700K by the german retailer is €469 (around $570 / £410 / AU$730).

If the listed price is accurate, it shows that the Intel 11th Gen processors are a bit on the pricier side compared to what their predecessors were sold at. Comparing it with the previous generation processors, one can get the Core i9-10900K for the price they put on Core i7-11700K. However, this is only after we assume that the listed price on the German website is accurate.

Specifications of Intel 11th Gen Rocket lake Desktop Processors

When Intel made the first announcement about their upcoming Rocket lake line-up during the CES 2021, they boasted about the improvements that they made to the new 11th gen CPU line-up. They include improvements in IPC (instructions per cycle) to over 19 percent, 50% better improvement in integrated graphics, power, and thermal handling capabilities. Intel also promised backward compatibility with their 400 series chipsets. We should wait till 30th March to actually see if Intel lives up to them. The following are the preliminary specifications of the new 11th gen rocket lake desktop CPU lineup that have been circling all over the internet.

Benchmarks of Intel Rocket Lake 11th Gen Desktop CPUs

As the Intel Core i7 – 11700K is already on sale from a german retail website, people who caught their hands on the processor have posted their reviews on various tech forums. Wccftech has made a detailed comparison between the latest rocket lake 17-11700K and their predecessors along with a few popular Ryzen CPUs in the crosshairs.

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