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CPUsage Partners

CPUsage offers computer owners the opportunity to earn rewards with their idle computers. The way it works is simple: when your computer is on but unused, CPUsage will send small computational tasks, paying you for that time it takes to complete. Whether you are in an individual or an organization, partnering with CPUsage is an easy way to earn valuable rewards.

CPU Sage Partners


Computer owners are rewarded through a point system that accounts for compute time and computer performance. These points can be redeemed for cash, goods, or services such as gift cards and digital video rentals. You can even save your points for a large reward like a new computer or airline tickets. The more computing power you have, the more points you’ll earn.


It is incredibly easy to get started earning with CPUsage. Just download a small program from CPUsage and our software takes care of the rest. Remember that infomercial with the tagline “Set it, and forget it?” That applies to CPU sage as well! Once set up, you’ll never notice our software running and we ONLY utilize your excess computing power.


You don’t just earn rewards with CPUsage, you are contributing to something bigger. By utilizing the excess computing power of hundreds of millions of computers around the world, CPUsage is changing the economic landscape of computing. This change benefits scientists, artists, engineers, and more. Who knows, your computer may be rendering the next blockbuster Hollywood movie!

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