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central processing unit (CPU) CPUSage Product


We harness the processing power of idle computers to run highly scalable compute tasks in the cloud for companies in motion graphics, life sciences, and finance industries to name a few.


CPUsage CirrusGrid™ is a reliable, always available, on-demand network of computers ready for use the moment a job is submitted. Write your script, hit enter, and processing begins immediately.


Our easy to use tools and APIs put the power of our entire grid in your hands effortlessly. Simply submit your compute tasks with our easy to use toolkit and we handle the rest. Absolutely no provisioning required!


Whether you need five computers to complete your task or one thousand, we handle the provisioning on-the-fly. We have near-infinite resources to provide a level of scalability that is unmatched.


Unlike other providers, CPUsage only charges for the exact processing time that is used. We do not bill our customers for provisioning time or operating instances when they are not in use.

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